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Your Fee Includes:


*  We give you complete choice of your Ceremony. We believe your Ceremony is a reflection of you and is all about You both.

*  At a relaxed interview with us, you discuss all your wedding requirements.

*  We supply you with as much information and support as we can in regard to options and creating your Ceremony the way you want it.

*  You are entitled to unlimited consultation by phone, in person or email. We endeavour to be as available as we can to you.

*  You are entitled to an on-site-rehearsal (within reasonable distance) at a mutually convenient time.

*  You are entitled to a copy of your ceremony that we facilitate on the day.

*  Your wedding certificate calligraphied or printed.      Appreciation certificates are provided on request.

*  We do all the legal paperwork and submit it to be processed.

* Ample time. A guarantee that no other event will be booked so close that we arrive late or rush out in an unseemly manner. (Barring the unforeseen holdup!) We always plan to arrive 40- 60 minutes before the bride is due to make her entrance. If for any unforeseen circumstance that we cannot arrive at agreed time, we will contact you as soon as we know.

* We give our personal guarantee that we will do our best to become familiar with the ceremony beforehand, and will read our part with a sincere and interested manner.

* As far as possible we will dress to fit in with your wedding.

*  We will conduct ourselves in a professional and friendly manner at all times.

* Your fee also includes availability of a high quality Portable PA System if you so choose. The Celebrant will have a head piece microphone and the bride and groom will share a microphone on a stand between them. There will also be a hand held microphone available for any readers to use.

* It also includes top of the range CD player incorporated for music before and during the Ceremony if you choose.

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Whatever your Ceremony preference, we have you covered.

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