Master of Ceremonies 

Master of Ceremonies or M.C.

Shane is a fabulous Master of Ceremony and can be part of your Event.

We offer flexible packages for you that include your Ceremony, MC and Entertainment or any combination that suits your needs.

The night belongs to the bride and groom, but it’s the Master of Ceremony’s role to help it happen without any problems.


Master of Ceremony has quite of role to play in the smooth running of your Reception. The MC has several things to do during the course of the reception but most importantly they keep the event moving forward in a timely manner. The MC also takes the pressure off the happy couple allowing them to forget about the practical concerns and focus on enjoying the reception.

Master of Ceremonies Header Image of Shane Kells being MC at a wedding reception
Image of Shane Kells - Celebrant, Master of Ceremonies and Entertainer, Smiling

A good MC will be confident and comfortable with a Microphone and have an ease with an audience. The Master of Ceremonies is also responsible for liaising with the Entertainment (i.e. Band or DJ), Function coordinator and the Reception Venue staff like the kitchen staff to make sure they are prepared for the next activity (for example, that the music stops at the right time,  the champagne has been poured prior to the toasts etc.) It is important for the MC to be familiar with the Run sheet or schedule and order of events of the reception and what the Bride and Groom want. We suggest that the Entertainment and the Venue also have a copy of the Run Sheet.

Many couples do not want to have ‘formal’ receptions and ‘formal speeches’ which is fine and Shane is very able to meet your needs whatever they are. We understand that it is your event.

The Role of the MC traditionally does the following:

  • Announce any Housekeeping like where bar or bathrooms are.
  • Inform guests where presents may be placed.
  • Announce the arrival of the Married Couple and the Bridal Party.
  • Liaise with staff to arrange times for events and anything needed.
  • Liaise with the Entertainment.
  • Check in with Bride and Groom before any event like Bridal Waltz to ensure they are ready.
  • Announce the next event of the night like how and when the meals will be served.
  • Introduce the speakers for toasts and speeches.
  • Announce the cutting of the cake.
  • The Garter and Bouquet toss
  • Announce the Bridal waltz.
  • Inform the guests when it is time to say farewell to the Bridal Couple.

As you can see, the MC role can be quite involved. It is easy for Shane to do especially when he is already the Entertainment! He is very confident with the Microphone, has great rapport with audiences and would love to be part of your wedding reception to entertain your guests and MC your event.

What does your Ceremony Look Like?


Whatever your Ceremony preference, we have you covered.

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