Hints & Tips

1. Planning

Begin as early as possible! There is much that can be done many months in advance.

Work out your budget and do your research to enable you to stick to your budget. Yes it is possible!


  • Set time aside for your planning. Structure into your week specific time for your wedding. This may be working on vows, looking for music, looking at venues etc. whatever is on your list.


  • Have a run sheet for the reception. Have several copies and give a copy to the venue or wedding coordinator as well as your MC and Music/Entertainment. They all need to co-ordinate on the night. Introduce them all to each other. Your MC will need to liaise with the Entertainment as well as the Venue for meals, cake cutting, speeches etc.


  • Choose an MC who is great with a microphone and you trust. Ideally and tactfully ask them to remain fairly sober until their role is complete as well. Having someone who is organized, can gain the audience’s attention and hold them,  will control the night from the run sheet and liaise with others will  definitely alleviate stess for you.
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  • Find a folder with dividers in it and use this for your planner. Each divided category is a different subject. Planning is the key! Make a list of all the things that need to be done. This will be a comprehensive list and can be put into categories or sub categories. You can start to collect various contacts or ideas and place them into the correct part of your folder. For example some headings you may include:


Venue: Address of Venue/Location & contact details. Viewing date and time & interview. Cost. Date Deposit to be paid for location/venue.    Permits if outside on beach or in a park.

Requirements: chairs, red carpet, table and 2 chairs for signing ceremony papers.

Decorations: flowers etc

Type of ceremony: Traditional, alternative rituals etc.  poems, readings, blessings, etc.

Music:  before ceremony as guests arrive, entry music, signing music, introduction and celebration music/songs.

Vows: words of love, possibly humour, what do you commit or vow to do? Maybe words of songs to incorporate.

Celebrant: Contact details of Celebrant, I. D.- original birth certificates, passports, drivers licence, divorce certificates ( if applicable) death certificate ( If applicable) any other official documents the celebrant may need, date of deposit paid, date of full payment required, when official documents are to be signed.

Other- eg.  Theme, water station, wheel chair access, parking.


Venue cost, address,  contact details, decorations, table decorations,  menu, guest list, table seating, drinks/bar arrangement,  wheelchair access, parking, time of hiring venue.

Other categories to think on include- (Yes it can get to be a big folder!!!)

Wedding Cake:

Equipment Hire: 


Entertainment/Music Hire:

Bridal wear: Bride, bridesmaids, Flower-girls

Bridal wear for the boys: Groom, Bestman, Groomsmen, Page boys.





Photography Videography:



Wedding Budget:

All these are an important part of many weddings and it is up to you to decide how you want to have your wedding.

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hints and tips planning the wedding reception image of Mr and Mrs card and table setting
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2. Managing Stress


Stress can turn a beautiful day into one that is a nightmare. If you know you are a prone to a little anxiety or succumb to the effects of stress, you are one step ahead than some others! 

If you know this, then you may also know what works for you to alleviate stress as well. Use what has worked for you in the past.


Here are some other tips that may support you:

  • Be organized and plan– get as much ticked off the list as early as possible prior to the wedding. Start planning as early as possible and keep the momentum going.


  • Find someone you really trust to keep you grounded and can use as a sounding board for any frustrations that may come along. This can be invaluable in times of stress or confusion.


  • Ask for support! Delegate whatever you can to whoever you trust with that job or role. Some people will be honoured to be trusted to do something for you, especially if you ask in the right way.


  • Allow more than enough time for everything. This means leading up to the wedding as well as on the day. You may be surprised how some things just creep up on you. Last minute ‘stuff’ can create much stress.


  • Be clear with your photographer what photos you specifically want and ask how long they think it will take. This is often where time blows out before the wedding ceremony and sometimes before the reception putting everything behind. Often it is the taking of photos prior to the ceremony that make the bride late not the bride herself! If you are too late, there may be an extra costs involved like the venue or celebrant.


  • On the day, factor enough time to travel to the Ceremony and then on to the reception. Remember that after the Ceremony you may want to freshen up or have a toilet stop.


  • Stay hydrated, well rested and nourished in the days leading up to the wedding.

Don’t drink too much the night before or on the morning of the wedding as this will not support your energy levels and you won’t look your best.

  • Choose comfortable shoes! You are going to be in them for a while. If you really want those pretty shoes that are going to hurt your feet, take a spare pair to change into later!


  • BREATH, go for a short walk to calm down if you feel stressed, have some time to yourself in all the commotion, put on some calming music, light a candle, do what works!


  • Have a couple of support people. This does not include the bridal party or the parents of the bride or groom. These support people may be called on to help out in little situations like “we forgot the rings, can you go back to the room to get them please?” Or “the signing pen does not work, have you got one?” The unexpected things that may occur. It is the just in case things that can be taken care of that you know will be handled and take away stress in the moment for you.


  • Practice at home ‘walking down the aisle carrying a pretend bouquet’, practice putting on rings, practice how you want to stand at the alter. Practice all these sorts of things so that you feel comfortable. I know a person who had a very long veil for her day and went to the opp shop to buy a ‘practice veil’ to practice walking with. Practice your vows as well. Even if you are going to recite after the celebrant, the more you practice and are familiar with them, the more comfortable you will be on the day.

All in all, you can plan for the day to run as smooth as possible but in our experience, not every wedding goes to plan. Often the unexpected things that happen only add to make the day even more memorable, especially if children are in the ceremony!

Try not to put too much pressure or expectations on yourselves or each other on the day, you are probably going to already be nervous anyway.

Above all, remember it is YOUR DAY, it will go fast so enjoy each moment.



Be Careful that each and every person you invite is exactly who you wish to be there. It is your day.

Before doing your wedding guest list, you must decide on the style, theme or type of ceremony and reception you want. You must also be clear on your budget. This process can be a very frustrating  task and often the budget, time and family pressures can prevent you from choosing exactly who you want to attend.

Remember each guest costs money and these days it is not necessary for you to invite a ‘guest and partner’ if they do not have a long term partner you wish to also attend. If you don’t want to do this, then advise your guests on the invitation.

On the invitations you must also put the dress code- what sort of attire do you want your guests to wear? Formal, Semi- formal, Smart Casual, Casual or possibly themed according to your theme of your wedding. Take into consideration the venue, time of year (general weather conditions ) , time of day and time/night of day as well.


Another consideration is whether to have children at the wedding. Some people do and may also provide a trusted child minder or career to look after the children during the ceremony or reception or both.

Once you have settled on the guest list, you can then start on the seating arrangements for the ceremony and/or reception.

hints and tips about your guests image guests at the wedding ceremony
hints and tips about your guests image of wedding ceremony seating arrangement

The Ceremony

Your ceremony is so important, you dress for it, you plan for it, you invite people to it. It is only 20 minutes or so of your life, but it is life changing!

Your Ceremony is a reflection of you both, it is a celebration of your love and commitment as a couple. It gives social and legal recognition to a union that has already taken place in your hearts.

Australia provides us with much freedom with your ceremony so take advantage of this and plan ahead to create what YOU want!

hints and tips about the wedding ceremony image of 2 bridesmaids with flowers in their hair

The structure of the Ceremony can be at least drafted many months in advance and the writing of the vows themselves can also be done well in advance.

In fact, the sooner the better because as you get close to the wedding, the stress levels may be heightened and you may not give as much thought or time to what you really want or want to say to your partner.  Remember your Celebrant is here to help you and advise you all along the way. It truly is a journey.

Be clear on who you want in your Bridal party. How many people will be involved?  Matron of honour Bridesmaids , Flower girls, Best man, Groomsmen and Page boys.  Each can have a role and important part to play.

Some people have Best man and Bridesmaid or Matron of Hounor as their witnesses but not always. Often the important role is given to parents or grand parents, or someone else very special.

It does not matter who the privilege is given, it is up to you, but remember in Australia, the witnesses need to be over 18 years of age and able to understand English. Their role is to hear your legal vows and to also witness your signing of the legal documents. They also sign your legal documents.

It is a good idea to start gathering for your ceremony- songs you like, poems sayings or funny anecdotes or stories you have shared. Collect them in a scrapbook or journal for later reference.

Decide on a theme for your wedding and work your ceremony around that. There are so many themes now, farm, beach, Shakespearean even Gothic.  Although Marriage is a serious matter, invariably light hearted and heartfelt ceremony works best. A warm and friendly ceremony that is meaningful will be remembered infinitely more than a long solemn and serious one.

One you have decided on your theme, you may want to investigate some meaningful rituals that will may personalize your ceremony even more. For example, if you have children and are becoming a blended family, then the Sand Ceremony may be for you as it involves the children.

Ask yourself if you want to involve anyone else in your ceremony. You may want to have a special person read something. You may want to involve everyone at your ceremony in which case there are several ways to include everyone like a Wishing Stone Ceremony or a Ring Warming or Blessing.

hints and tips about the wedding ceremony image of country outdoor ceremony setting
hints and tips about the wedding ceremony image of groom saying vows at the alter

Your vows can be written in advance well before the last minute stress week of the ceremony, as so many people do. Take time to write what you truly want to say and commit to in your lives together. 

Collect ideas, words of love and thoughts and start putting some thought into what you want to say. Write them in a quiet moment when you are not distracted with anything but your own thoughts and feelings.

The Vows are a pivotal moment in the Ceremony and although they can be light -hearted, they are also meaningful and reflect who you are. Remember for your marriage to be legal, you must also say some required legal vows that your celebrant will let you know about.

There is also some other legal words that your celebrant must say but for the most part you can have the ceremony of your choice and in any style you like! 

Remember that your Celebrant can support you with ideas and clarity and enable you to have the Ceremony that you both want and will look back on with smiles and love.

What does your Ceremony Look Like?


Whatever your Ceremony preference, we have you covered.

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