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What do we need to do First?

The first step is to make an appointment to meet with us as your Marriage Celebrant.

It is important that you have a rapport with us as you are about to go on a journey with us for one of the most important days of your life.

There is no obligation nor fee for this first meeting. Once you have engaged us as your Celebrant and locked in the date and time, we will complete the form known as a Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) with you. At this point a booking fee of $200 is paid by you as part of the deposit.


We then start planning and creating your Ceremony together!

what are the first steps to engage celebrants in Australia
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Do we need a Celebrant or can we fill out the papers and do it ourselves?

You can fill out the NOIM yourself but for a legal marriage to occur that is recognized by the Government, you need to have an authorized person to marry you and fill out other legal papers as well.

You cannot fill out these papers yourself and get married without an authorized person to solemnize the marriage. There are legal requirements and procedures that the authorized person must do and follow.

You can engage the services of a Celebrant, an authorized minister or Pastor or go to the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages in your state to be married.

Whichever you choose, the person to marry you must still be authorized.

What is the NOIM?


The NOIM or Notice of Intended Marriage is the Official documentation form the Government that is filled out to inform the Celebrant that you are intending to get married.

Ideally it is filled out with both parties and the Celebrant then they also witness your signatures at the time. This is not always possible if one party is unavailable due to travel etc. It can be worked around though. 

This paperwork is lodged with the Registry of Births, deaths and Marriages by your Celebrant. You can easily download the NOIM yourself here. 

Notice of Intended Marriage - Commonwealth of Australia Form Screenshot
30 days notification required before getting married by australian law

Do we need to give you any notice before we can get married?

Yes, by law you are required to give a minimum of 30 days notice to your Marriage Celebrant.

That is, if you complete the paperwork known as The Notice of Intended Marriage or NOIM and give it to your Celebrant on August 12, your marriage may take place on, or after, September 12. 

Do we need to provide any identification?

Absolutely! Your Celebrant needs to be able to justify to the Department that you are who you say you are! If you were born in Australia, your original birth certificate AND photographic ID (such as your Driver’s Licence) OR a current Australian or International Passport must be sighted prior to your marriage being solemnized.

This applies to both parties involved. To apply for a new Birth Certificate, you simply need to contact The Registry of Birth Deaths and Marriages in the State in which you were born.

But one, or both of Us were born overseas, what form of identification do we need?

If you were born overseas, your original birth certificate, in English ( or a certified translation of your birth certificate from the Embassy of your country of birth) and photographic ID OR an original, valid overseas passport is acceptable.

My first Wife has passed away and my Fiancé is divorced – do we need any proof of this?

Again, yes! In any situation where a Divorce or Death is relevant, you will need to provide evidence before your marriage is solemnised by providing your ex-wife’s original Death Certificate and your fiancé’s original Divorce Paper. Again, as your Celebrant, we need to justify to the Department that you are eligible to be married.

Can we complete the Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) prior to having the original Documents that are required?

Yes! Although as your Marriage Celebrant we will need to sight all the required documents prior to officiating at your ceremony, even as late as the rehearsal. If this is not sighted, we cannot legally marry you!

evidence required of being widowed or divorced prior to remarrying

My Fiancé is overseas and won’t be in Queensland until 2 days before our Wedding, what should we do?

It’s not a problem at all, in this situation your Marriage Celebrant can complete the NOIM with you and have it signed by one party only, as long as you remember this must be a minimum of 30 days prior to your ceremony.

Your Marriage Celebrant will then confirm by phone or email with your fiancé then have your fiancé sign the NOIM and sight their original documentation when they arrive.

getting married in queensland and overseas right now

We are both interstate/overseas at the moment and won’t be returning to Queensland until a few days before our Wedding. What should we do?


We can email or scan the NOIM to you. Once you have completed the NOIM and have it signed before an authorised witness, you need to arrange to have the original NOIM sent to us, allowing for the minimum 30 days notice.

On your arrival, we will need to sight your original identification documents and verify your signatures as received on the NOIM. We would then communicate by email, telephone or fax to each other to prepare all the components of your ceremony.

Do we need anyone else to sign anything at our wedding ceremony?

 Yes, you’re required, by law, to have two witnesses who must be at least 18 years of age. There are 3 documents that are signed on the day by both parties getting married and also by their witnesses.

Do I sign my new married name or my current name?

The documents that are being signed on the wedding day need to be signed in your current name. If you choose to change your name after the Ceremony, that is up to you.

How long does the Ceremony go for?

Generally, the ceremony is between 15-25 minutes long depending on what you include in the ceremony itself.

Can we include what we want?

Absolutely, in fact it is our belief that the Ceremony is an expression of your both and should reflect your personalities. We encourage your input in the creation of your ceremony- after all it is all about YOU!

There are legal requirements that need to be said which include the legal vows and the Monitum from the Marriage Act, these are required to make the Marriage binding by law. However the rest of the ceremony is up to you! We are here to guide you in the creation of what you want including any personal vow as well.

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Do we need a Rehearsal?


Although you don’t technically need a rehearsal, we strongly suggest that this takes place as it makes everything run much smoother on the day.

The ceremony consists of many components and often several people are also involved depending on how many are in the Bridal Party. After the rehearsal, everyone is much clearer when the time comes as to where to stand, when to walk in, how fast to walk in, the ring ceremony, the vows, where to go to sign the documents and anything else that you may have added to the ceremony.

Having a rehearsal will help alleviate some of the nerves on the day. We always make ourselves available for a rehearsal for you and will be very thorough with this to ensure you have the best day possible. Often the rehearsal will go much longer than the actual ceremony itself but it is worth it.

How much do you charge?

It all depends on where and when you get married! It typically costs you around $700 but there may be some additional travel fees for long distances. If you use the extra services we offer of Master of Ceremonies (MC) and/or our Entertainment, there would be an additional cost, however we offer packages at a competitive rate to streamline your event.

Ask us about the discounts that are available for midweek weddings as well.

Naming and Re-commitment Ceremonies are approximately $400.

Other Ceremonies or Celebrations are negotiable and pricing will be determined by your requirements.

What does your Ceremony Look Like?


Whatever your Ceremony preference, we have you covered.

Get in Touch today and let us make it your own.

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