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Baby Naming History


Name giving ceremonies have a history almost as old as mankind itself.

In olden times, a son was not a true legal member of the family until the father had named the offspring in a ceremony. Thus a legal son could be, in our terms, adopted, born out of wedlock, born of the wife or born of another woman. Naming (or Name giving) was the rite which brought the child into the family.

baby naming ceremony image of both parents kissing their baby daughter on her naming day

Name giving ceremonies as celebrants do them however, are relatively new. Ever since some celebrants in the mid-seventies started to officiate at them, they have become increasingly popular. A name giving ceremony is not a baptism or a christening. Such ceremonies are by definition religious and do not come within the scope of a celebrants work.

This ceremony in no way inhibits the child from seeking the truth during his life and any future religious commitments of belief. Neither is the Naming a legal ceremony.

The baby name giving ceremony is a delightful way of welcoming the newest member of the family and the immediate circle of friends (or ‘village’ in older times- remember the saying “It takes a village to raise a child”)

baby naming ceremony image of baby-sleeping-in-a-basket-and-a-round-feather-surrounding

It is an occasion when a new birth is celebrated and a child welcomed into the world. Family relationships are deepened.

The parents become more fully aware of their responsibilities. So, of course, do the godparents (some celebrants prefer ‘mentors’ or ‘guardians’).

The naming ceremony also has a community (or village), represented by the wider circle of family and friends.

The baby naming ceremony is a beautiful and joyful occasion which includes hope, acceptance and blessing for the child. 

It calls for those in the immediate circle in the family and friends to help support in raising the child and therefore be of good character themselves as mentors!

Many religious people are using the non-religious naming service to celebrate the birth of their child. Some people do not believe in infant baptism so choose this celebration and leave the child free to choose or not to choose baptism in their late teens. In fact, all naming ceremonies are done or performed on this principle.

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